Yield Yak Joins Moralis Avalanche Hackathon as Partner

Moralis Avalanche Hackathon x Yield Yak

Yield Yak is officially joining the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon as an official partner. The Moralis Hackathon — which has a current total prize pool of a whopping $500K, runs from the 6th of December until the 31st of January and is open to anyone looking to test their skills building a dApp, DeFi project, or Web3 app of their choosing.

The top three prizes in the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon are currently worth $175,000 in total ($100K/$50K/$25K for first to third). All participants need to do to be eligible is to create a dApp using Avalanche and Moralis. In addition to the top prizes, there are protocol-specific bounties that are up for grabs, including prizes specific to Yield Yak.

Yield Yak Hackathon Prizes

Yield Yak are contributing three different bounties to the hackathon for a total of $80K in prizes. Here’s the breakdown of prizes that will be up for grabs:

  • $20K x 2 — Best Use or Innovation of Yield Yak’s Interest-Bearing Assets
  • $20K — Best Overall Custom Router for Yield Yak Swap
  • $20K — Best Front-End Integration for Yield Yak

“We are happy to welcome Yield Yak as a partner to the Moralis Avalanche Hackathon this winter. This hackathon is all about encouraging the community to build, and you can’t talk about the Avalanche community without mentioning Yield Yak. We can’t wait to see what projects will come out of Yield Yak’s prize pools!”
— Ivan, Co-Founder of Moralis.

“Yield Yak is proud to partner with Moralis and the Avalanche Foundation to support its Winter Hackathon. Yield Yak owes its growth to the contributions from the Avalanche developer community, and we can’t wait to see what ideas and innovations will come next. We hope the winter hackathon participants will have fun battling for the Yield Yak bounties up for grabs, and we welcome new devs into our community to help shape the future of what we’re building”

— Dylan, Yield Yak Comms

About Moralis

Moralis is the premier Web3 development platform. As such, Moralis is the quickest way for developers to prototype, develop, and deploy their dApps, DeFi projects, or Web3 apps. On average, Moralis cuts the typical development time by 87%. Specifically, Moralis does this by giving developers access to a powerful backend blockchain infrastructure with just a few snippets of code. This means that developers do not need to build their Web3 infrastructure from scratch. Instead, they can focus on the essentials of creating a great dApp.

What’s more, Moralis is built to be cross-chain compatible. This means participants can easily create cross-chain dApps, and do things like build Avalanche dApps, connect to Polygon nodes, deploy BEP20 tokens, create a DEX and much more — from one single Web3 platform. Sign up for Moralis’ free tier today and try it yourself!

About Yield Yak

Yield Yak is a DeFi protocol on the Avalanche Blockchain which focuses on optimising yields across the entire Avalanche ecosystem. It consists of a handful of core products. Namely, a DEX aggregator, Yield Optimizer and Auto-compounder. It is one of the first and among the largest native protocols and prides itself on being a community driven project.

Yield Yak supports dozens of platforms for auto-compounding, and has also developed single-asset lending optimisation strategies, where single-assets were ‘folded’ multiple times in order to maximize yield on lending platforms such as Benqi, AAVE, and Trader Joe. Yield Yak’s platform is natively built for the Avalanche blockchain.

Finally, the YAK token, whose utility is to earn platform fees generated by the platform as well as to shape its future as a governance token, had 75% of its supply airdropped to early platform users.




Earn more yield. Tools for defi users on Avalanche.

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Yield Yak

Yield Yak

Earn more yield. Tools for defi users on Avalanche.

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