Yield Yak introduces ARC — a decentralized revenue distribution tool creating Yak heroes

Yield Yak
2 min readNov 26, 2021

Yield Yak’s community is one of its greatest assets. Our community built the platform into the #1 autocompounder on Avalanche. And, even though YY has grown, feedback and ideas from YY users are as valuable as ever.

Today we introduce a feature that addresses one of the most common requests: greater transparency on Yield Yak revenues.

Yield Yak ARC — Automated Revenue Collector

Yield Yak ARC (Automated Revenue Collector) is based on a proof of concept created by a community developer.

Yak ARC allows anyone to distribute revenue

The new section of the Yield Yak platform gives users can easy tool to track the protocol’s daily revenues, calculated in AVAX. And, in line with our core principle of creating a platform that could run on its own without any team intervention, anyone can become a Yield Yak hero and distribute these revenues once per 24 hours.

Be a Hero for Yak

Hitting the “Distribute” button keeps staking rewards flowing. You’ll also gain the admiration of your peers with acknowledgement on the ARC site as a Hero.

Yield Yak ARC (Automated Revenue Collecotr)

Currently, collected AVAX is distributed to three wallets based on the current 33/33/33 split between stakers, contributors, and treasury. Distributions are always subject to change based on ongoing discussions and community input.

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