Yield Yak announces partnership with Cook Finance to optimise yields for first Avalanche Indexes

Yield Yak
3 min readDec 10, 2021


Yield Yak x Cook Finance

Cook Finance will use Yield Yak to optimize the returns of the Yield Bearing Stablecoin Index as well as the YAK token’s inclusion in the new Avalanche Ecosystem Index.

What is Cook Finance?

Cook Finance is the first DeFi Index platform to launch on Avalanche. If you’re new to Indexes, an Index allows an investor to gain exposure to multiple diversified assets inside a single portfolio.

Cook Finance Indexes

Recognizing Avalanche’s continued success, low fees and incredibly fast transaction speeds, Cook Finance has released three new indexes: a MegaCap, Stablecoin, and Avalanche Ecosystem Index (AEI). The AEI index gives investors exposure to a wide array of assets within the Avalanche ecosystem, including YAK. The Stablecoin index balances a range of stablecoin asset strategies from Yield Yak to maximize returns.

Stablecoin Index (Cook Finance)

Users can now earn Yield Yak APYs as well as COOK tokens by staking their Index deposits on the Cook platform. You can find out more about Cook’s liquidity mining and staking mechanics here.

“We’re excited to work with an Index for the first time, and are proud that Cook Finance have chosen to use Yield Yak to leverage our community’s auto-compounding tools to maximize returns for their DeFI users.”
— Dylan, Yield Yak Comms

“Cook is thrilled to be launching on Avalanche and working with Yield Yak to optimize the Avalanche Stablecoin index. Cook users will be able to get the best of both worlds: Yield Yak returns plus Cook rewards.”
— Nathan, Cook Finance CMO

About Yield Yak

Yield Yak makes numbers go up. Ape into new autocompounder farms with quick releases and high yields. Swap on Yak for the best prices on trades with zero aggregator fees. Sit back and just earn, including big APYs on stablecoin farms.

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About Cook Finance

Cook Finance is a transparent and flexible DeFi Index platform. This two sided platform is suited to a diverse range of users to make it easy to select from a menu of indexes across multiple chains. At the same time on the other side of the platform, index creators can utilize tools to create virtually any imaginable strategy and easily offer it up to the Cook community.

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