Yak Swap and Hubble Exchange Join Forces and Kick off Partnership with 50 Hubble Space Cats Giveaway

Yak Swap x Hubble Exchange


  • Yak Swap has been integrated to provide Hubble users with the best price when making collateral swaps
  • To celebrate the partnership, the first 50 YAK holders to trade on Hubble from October 11th at 08:00 UTC will win a Hubble Space Cat NFT. Space Cats can be used to vote on the governance of the Hubble Exchange DAO.

Why is Hubble Exchange integrating Yak Swap?

Yak Swap, Yield Yak’s liquidity aggregator and swap tool, provides the best prices for swaps on Avalanche with the deepest liquidity coverage and zero aggregator fees. This makes Yap Swap a highly competitive aggregator, providing Hubble Exchange’s traders and makers the best execution route when they need to settle their hUSD debt with the protocol.

50 Hubble Space Cat NFTs to be awarded to YAK holders x Hubble users

What is Hubble?

Hubble Exchange is a multi-collateral Perpetual Futures Exchange. Traders and Makers can add assets such as AVAX and ETH as collateral for their positions. The PnL from these positions is reflected in Hubble Exchange’s unit of account: hUSD.

On-Chain invitation to Yield Yak Community to join the Hubble Exchange DAO

The Hubble Exchange DAO would like to take this opportunity to invite YAK holders to join the Hubble Exchange DAO. The first 50 will be eligible to claim their Hubble Space Cat — an NFT used to govern the Hubble Exchange DAO.


Winners will be the first 50 users who have:

  • Held at least 0.25 YAK (in any form) at the time of the snapshot taken on October 3, 2022
  • Make a Trade on Hubble Exchange

About Yield Yak

Yield Yak builds tools for DeFi users on Avalanche. Yield Yak Farms auto-compounds rewards for you. Yak Swap finds the best price execution for dex trades. yyAVAX is Avalanche’s highest yielding liquid staking token.

About Hubble Exchange

Hubble Exchange is a decentralised platform for trading perpetual futures on Avalanche. Utilising Avalanche’s low fees and highly scalable infrastructure, Hubble aims to offer an Avalanche-native experience for trading perpetual futures with its multi-collateral, cross-margin design.



Earn more yield. Tools for defi users on Avalanche.

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