First Edition of Yak Rush: Recap and 50,000,000 Mini Yak Claim Details

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2 min readOct 30, 2021

Yield Yak has been proud to feature fellow native project, Trader Joe’s new lending platform. This was our first edition of Yak Rush, where deposits into Banker Joe strategies became eligible for a Mini Yak airdrop. Yield Yak has been taking daily depositor snapshots at random times, and each wallet’s share of the Yak Rush airdrop will be calculated by its proportional share of the pools, over the qualifying period.

Response from the Yak community has blown away expectations: over $225M has been deposited in YY Banker Joe farms, including over $90M deposited into the Banker Joe $AVAX strategy alone.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part and we’re thrilled to see defi takeup in native projects continue to grow.

Wen airdrop?


  • Yak Rush was a huge success which has generated 1,891 AVAX in performance fees for the Yield Yak community in a short-timeframe. All of this has been converted into Mini Yak in preparation for the airdrop.
  • The Yak Treasury has agreed to fully match this amount in Mini Yak, plus a top-up to ensure a round number for Yakheads
  • This brings the total number of Mini Yak eligible for claiming to 50,000,000 mYAK

How to claim your Mini Yak

  • Claim period will begin Tuesday, November 2nd and users will have until December 2nd to make their claim. Any unclaimed Mini Yak will return to the Treasury.
  • A claim tab will be added to the Yield Yak site where users can see the number of Mini Yak they’re eligible for and claim it.

GM Banker Joe

We would also like to congratulate Trader Joe on the phenomenal launch of their lending platform, Banker Joe.

“We have been a big supporter of Trader Joe from the very beginning and it’s great to see an Avalanche native project experience such growth and successfully launch their new lending platform.”

— Dylan Coady, comms at Yield Yak

“We’re stoked that Yield Yak kicked off their #YakRush campaign with Banker Joe. They continue to be a stalwart of the Avalanche DeFi ecosystem and we can’t wait to see some of their future plans come to fruition.”

— Cryptofish, founder at Trader Joe

#YakRush 2nd Edition?




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