AB Token Upgrade Instructions

About this Upgrade

The Avalanche Bridge is getting an upgrade which affects Avalanche-Ethereum Bridge tokens on Avalanche such as ETH, DAI, USDT, etc.

  • The new tokens are completely new assets with completely new markets.
  • The upgrade is manual and requires you to take action.

You must take action in order to continue receiving rewards on Yield Yak.

Overview of the Upgrade Process

The upgrade will use familiar steps to what you did to enter pools in the first place. For example, on Trader Joe:

  1. Remove liquidity from Trader Joe
  2. Upgrade affected token(s) on Bridge migration page
  3. Add liquidity to Trader Joe
  4. Deposit to YY

Where can I get extra help?

You can always rely on the Yield Yak telegram channel for support if you get stuck or lost on the migration process.

How do I know if I need to take action?

Deprecated farms which no longer earn rewards display a warning message. The main button is “Withdraw All” which allows you to quickly withdraw. For example:

Deprecated Farm Warning Message

How do I upgrade assets?

Old assets can be upgraded on the official Avalanche Bridge website. The upgrade process requires two transactions.

Upgrading Old Assets

Bridge Migration Quick Links